Friday, 16 July 2010

Books: The Birds of Hungary

The Birds of Hungary by Gerard Gorman (Christopher Helm, London) is a status handbook of all the birds known to have occurred in Hungary up to 1995. Introductory sections cover Nomenclature, Geographical Background, Land Use, Habitats, Climate, Conservation, Reserves & Parks, and Migration. The bulk of the book is taken up with a species by species status review and each species has a range map (this is the first time ever that maps have been produced and published for all the birds occurring in Hungary). As well as Status data notes on Distribution and Timing indicate the areas and periods where and when each species is present. There are also very useful tables and charts covering such topics as Aquatic Warbler numbers and trends and the Status of Breeding Birds of Prey. The book is enlivened by black & white line drawings by John Davis. If the visiting birder uses this book with one of the above mentioned guides he/she will be wonderfully equipped with all the practical information needed to plan and execute a successful visit.

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