Monday, 28 December 2009

Special birds: Slavonian Grebe

The Slavonian Grebe Podiceps auritus (aka Horned Grebe) is a breeding species in the north of the region and a winter visitor in the south. The southern limit of the breeding range is composed of a few pairs in northern Poland. North of here it becomes more common in the Baltic States on shallow, well-vegetated fresh-water wetlands. It is a smallish grebe and males in breeding plumage in spring and summer have bright golden "horns" which are feathery tufts at the side of the head. Photo by Laszlo Becsy.


JACS said...

Hi Gerard

I have been several times in Lithuania, but I haven't see it. Do you know any good place to see this bird in summer in this country?


Gerard Gorman said...

I have no really up-to-date info but I believe it breeds at Baltoji Voke, SE of Vilnius.

JACS said...

Thank you, Gerard, I'll try to go there next year on spring time.

Best regards.

Anna and Lucy x said...

A Slavonian Grebe has been spotted at the RSPB nature reserve at Rainham Marshes this past week!