Monday, 6 July 2009

Destinations: Boddi-Szek - Hungary

Boddi-szek is a large salt-lake in the Kiskunsag region of Hungary. In spring and autumn varying level of water are here, in high summer the lake is often dry. This is an excellent site for passage waders, and several rarities have been found here, and Kentish Plover is in one of its very few Hungarian breeding sites. In autumn and winter large numbers of geese occur, mostly Greater White-fronts, some Bean and also often a few Red-breasted Geese. The area lies to the south of the main Kecskemet-Solt road (52) and north of road 53, to the east of the village of Dunatetetlen. It is only marked on the most detailed local marks. A tall observation-tower lies on its northern edge.

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