Monday, 1 June 2009

Destinations: Alam-Pedja - Estonia

This vast area (over 250 km2) is comprised of rivers, bogs, fens and wet forests dotted with the odd hamlet. Around 200 bird species have been recorded, but it has to be said that many of these are often hard to find given the terrain and its extent. Breeding raptors include Golden, White-tailed, Lesser Spotted and Greater Spotted Eagles, Osprey and Hen and Marsh Harriers. Other birds are Hazel and Black Grouse, Common Crane, Nutcracker, Ural, Tengmalm's and Pygmy Owls and 6 resident woodpecker species. Passerines include most of the boreal species one would expect in the Baltics. The area lies in central Estonia, 30km NW of Tartu, just off the main road 2 to Tallinn. There are some well-marked trails and board-walks.  

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