Thursday, 5 February 2009

Destinations: Trebonsko - Czech Republic

The Trebonsko area, much of it a Biosphere Reserve arond the town of Trebon in South Bohemia, is a mosaic of wetlands and woodlands. There are man-made, but old, fishponds of all shapes and sizes, rivers, canals, mixed forests, peat-bogs and farmland. Key breeding birds include White-tailed Eagle, Red and Black Kites,  Black-necked Grebe, Goldeneye, Green Sandpiper, Black and White Storks, Black Tern, 7 species of woodpecker,Eagle, Pygmy and Tengmalm's Owls, Collared Flycatcher, Bluethroat and Penduline Tit. On passage flocks of wildfowl and waders move through. This is a relatively easy and pleasant area to explore being mostly flat and crossed by roads, marked trails and bike-routes. Trebon is around 140 km south of Prague.   

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