Sunday, 23 November 2008

Destinations: Stari Begei - Carska Bara - Serbia

There is no doubt about it, Serbia is a neglected birding destination and I encourage all birders to visit this great birding country. One of the country's best wetland sites is Stari Begei-Carska Bara, a protected mosaic of some 1767 hectares of fish-ponds, lakes, marshes, channels, wet forests and reedbeds that lies along and between the Tisa and Begei rivers in the Banat region. The area is located just to the south of Zrenjanin between the villages of Ecka and Belo Blato. Belgrade is an hour to the south by road. There are dyke-top trails and boat trips into the area are also on offer. Most of the breeding wetland birds you would expect in this part of Europe are here (including Pygmy Cormorant, Black and White Storks, Spoonbill, Little Bittern, Night, Squacco and Purple Herons, White-tailed Eagle, many warblers, etc). In autumn and winter there are large flocks of Greater White-fronted Geese and ducks, more Pygmy Cormorants and an influx of White-tailed Eagles. Otters are common here, too.

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