Monday, 11 August 2008

Destinations: Pogari - Estonia

The hamlet of Pogari lies on the north-west coast of Matsulu Bay, on the the Puise Peninsula, by the sheltered Lope Bay. In spring the wet coastal meadows here (Pogari-Sassi) are one of Estonia's best goose watching spots with 1000s of Barnacle Geese feeding and roosting. A few Red-breasted Geese and/or Lesser White-fronted Geese are often found with them and White-tailed Eagles are also often here, following the geese. The meadows are a noted passage shorebird site, too, with Temminck's Stints regular. Songbirds such as thrushes, wagtails and pipits also often drop in. The area is some 20km south of the regional centre of Haapsalu. A good viewing spot is in a roadside parking place by the main gravel road where there is a farm-building and an information board (see photo here).

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