Monday, 28 April 2008

Special Birds: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Europe's smallest woodpecker species is fairly common, in the right habitat, throughout the region. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor is found in a wide range of broadleaved woodland types, including old forests, flood-plain woods and even parks and gardens, as long as there are good numbers of trees with dead snags. Being small it does not need the large boled trunks that some other woodpeckers need in which to locate their nesting holes. Often very slender trees are used as breeding and foraging sites, especially birches, alders and willows. The bird in the photo is a male: note the red crown. Females are totally pied, i.e. black and white with no red at all.

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marie2day said...

I live in Rujitsa near the turkish border and I have a lesser spotted woodpecker who is a regular visitor to my garden. He visits my bird feeder and takes peanuts in ther shells. Sometimes he eats them on the feeder and sometimes he takes them away. I am delighted.